How Interior Design Can Bring You Peace of Mind

As women with full-lives, our home can either help us get through our days in a way that supports the life we’re creating or it can derail us. If your home isn’t set up to bring you joy while also functioning well for your family, you’re probably spending precious time and energy working around areas that could be reimagined to serve you better. 

I believe you deserve a soft place to land each day.
A place that serves you and your family.
A place that allows you to show up just as you are.

Thoughtful design and a beautiful plan for your home allows you to create a place that feels rejuvenating and restorative.. 

As an alumna of one of the top interior design schools in the world, Ryerson School of Interior Design (RSID), and a yoga instructor with a deep knowledge and countless hours dedicated to my practice, I blend elements of both of my professions together to give my clients a unique and seamless experience. Combining core tenets of design and the ancient wisdom of yoga allows me to provide intentional and mindful design options so your spaces can truly serve you and your family in a wholistic way.

I believe home is the backdrop to your beautiful life story and should give you the confidence, joy, and peace-of-mind you deserve. 

I can't wait to help you transform your home. 

I combine the wisdom of yoga with professional design for a unique and seamless experience. 

Yogic Wisdom + Professional Design = Calm and Happy Spaces

Mindful Design Starts With Clarity

When you truly understand how you want your home to feel and function for those who live and enter your space, everything changes.