Mindfulness: How It Informs My Design

I’ve been a student of yoga for over 20 years and a teacher close to 10 years so mindfulness, also in design, is nothing new to me. There are so many elements of this deep practice that influence how I do my work in a holistic approach.

Service mindset – wanting to heal, desire to teach, make my client’s lives better in many ways. For me, that means when I have the opportunity to be in their space. I take the time to really ask questions that help get to the heart of what they want and need.

Mindfulness in the design with a holistic approach
Mindfulness is really about being present in the current moment

Have you ever heard the term leave your ego at the door? This also aligns in many ways to the yogic path which is interesting.

Listening to the client

I don’t bring in my own agenda to a project, it really is about finding what speaks to each client. How they currently live, how they envision a change in their homes.

This service mindset also comes into play as I act as an advocate for my clients. Giving them pertinent information about crucial elements in their design plans – there are many projects where there are contractors, architects… So there are many personalities to manage here, it takes kid gloves at times to juggle all of it!

If you really want to have an interior design that gives you a peace of mind, you have to repeatedly think about it. Make an effort and let your home heal yourself!

Being present to really listen to my clients – mindfulness is really about being present in the current moment. When someone hires me to come into their personal spaces, it really matters to me to be focused totally on them and their needs. I have decided to run a smaller firm so that I can give this direct service to my clients. Being responsive is extremely important.

Mindful design idea
Mindfulness allows me to be more naturally intuitive

Becoming friends with the client

Naturally, my clients and I become fast friends as we get to know each other – a design project can last over a year at times, there is more to the relationship than just transactions!

Are you a yogi as well?

So who is a yogi out there? Let me know in the comments! If you are, what is your favorite thing about taking a class? One of my favorite things when taking a class is actually when the teacher makes a joke, and just puts all the students at ease, so fun! 🙂

Mindfulness also allows me to be more naturally intuitive. This comes into play with how I may know what my client will like, what subtle differences in design they will need in their space to really “call” to them.

Mindfulness in design – meeting a client where they are

Lastly, how I bring mindfulness to my design projects is super important to me… It is meeting a client where they are – beginners mind, start fresh with every project. Some clients need different solutions based on many factors – some budget, some have a specific aesthetic. 

I like to meet people where they are so they can get what they need out of the design. Whether that is helping them for a few hours on consultation, or doing a DIY design where I give them a list to shop, making a custom solution for each and every person based on their needs.

Because YOUR home can HEAL you – taking a mindful approach makes all the difference in getting there.

Want to experience a mindful and holistic approach to design? Get unfiltered advice, recommendations and a preliminary design plan to help you create the sacred place you’ve been craving for – let’s have a chat!

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