Tasteful Hanukkah Decorations That Won’t Make You Cringe

I love Christmas decorations, maybe even more than Hanukkah decorations! Although I don’t celebrate Christmas, I adore the decor. There are so many options to beautify your home. Red, green, tasteful, glittery—the season brings hundreds of choices to reflect your style, make the holiday more sparkly, and give your guests and family the warm and fuzzies. The Christmas season even smells better (how does everything at Christmas somehow smell like cloves and nutmeg?).

Yet tasteful Hanukkah decor is a whole different story. Sure, it’s easy to find cheap Hanukkah decor, but nabbing design-worthy decorations is tough. In past years, I’d be searching for anything other than red and green to no avail. Unfortunately, there are seasons when I’ve had to forgo most Hanukkah trimmings because the pickings were so slim. If you’ve scoured holiday shops, you know there are some extremely cheesy Hanukkah decorations out there, people!

Luckily, I’ve done the research this year so you don’t have to. Take your search no further…. I’ve rounded up a few simple, elegant, and Hanukkah-friendly embellishments that won’t make you wince.

Ready to decorate your beautiful home for Hannukah like an interior designer? Here are a few of my favorite Hanukkah decorations for you to choose from. 

Different Hannukah decorations - eucalyptus, tree of Life Menorah, gold star ornaments, gelt, antique tiered stand and more!

Tasteful Hanukkah Decorations to Decorate Your Home Like an Interior Designer

  1. Artificial Eucalyptus
  2. Tree of Life Menorah
  3. Blue Glossy Bowls
  4. Hannukah Napkins
  5. Brushed Gold Flatware
  6. Tealight Set
  7. Gold Star Ornament
  8. Gold-Patterned Platter
  9. Hannukah Salad Plates
  10. Black and White Anemones
  11. Gelt, set of 5
  12. Antique Tiered Stand
  13. String a set of Hanukkah lights around a wreath for DIY elegance

Ready for an elegant Hanukkah season?

Check out more design-worthy decor on my Pinterest.

P.S. What are your plans for latkes this year? if you’re not up for the laborious task of making them from scratch and you have a Trader Joe’s in your neighborhood—stock up on Trader Joe’s Traditional Latkes! They taste homemade, and I always get tons of compliments 🙂 Chag Sameach!

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