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Painting your home’s interior is a great way to give your space a refresh while dipping your toes into the world of DIY. And while it may sound like an easy weekend project to undertake, there are common pitfalls to watch out for to prevent a paint job from turning into a nightmare.  To help […]

REDFIN Feature! Expert Tips for Painting a Room to Avoid These 15 Common Mistakes

What happens when the thought of decluttering drives you crazy? This checklist to declutter your home will guide you through a tidying process that brings peace, not anxiety. It’s ironic that we’re often overwhelmed by decluttering. Decluttering is about bringing peace and ease into our lives. But I watch the decision overwhelm flood my clients when […]

A Zen-Filled Checklist to Declutter Your Home

I love Christmas decorations, maybe even more than Hanukkah decorations! Although I don’t celebrate Christmas, I adore the decor. There are so many options to beautify your home. Red, green, tasteful, glittery—the season brings hundreds of choices to reflect your style, make the holiday more sparkly, and give your guests and family the warm and fuzzies. […]

Tasteful Hanukkah Decorations That Won’t Make You Cringe

Staring at white-ish paint chips wondering what on earth will work for your room or cabinetry? White gallery-style walls have become abundantly popular lately, and whites have now made the jump back to the exterior of homes with the modern farmhouse look. And there’s always a question – what’s the best white paint or how to […]

Best White Paint for Interiors or Exteriors


In order to achieve mindful design, you have to ensure that it serves you and your needs! Looking for five essential and immediate changes to the interior design elements at home to alleviate anxiety, stress and overwhelm? Keep reading to find them all out! Find your om at home and create mindful design I have […]

How Interior Design Can Give You Peace of Mind

Taking your home from ho-hum to beautiful and functional can be an overwhelming task. Sometimes it gets you to think about moving to greener pastures… For more space, a better space plan, a newer home, or even an older home with more character. Here are my tips on how to begin designing your home, trying […]

Want A Beautiful Home? Here’s Where To Start

I’ve been a student of yoga for over 20 years and a teacher close to 10 years so mindfulness, also in design, is nothing new to me. There are so many elements of this deep practice that influence how I do my work in a holistic approach. Service mindset – wanting to heal, desire to teach, […]

Mindfulness: How It Informs My Design

When dealing with house interior design, it’s real easy to get confused and overwhelmed. How to decide what’s for you? What to do first and what comes last? Where to draw inspiration and get bathroom design ideas? Feeling lost is understandable. Here are my pro tips for ultimate bathroom design! How to Get Started with […]

Ultimate Bathroom Design: Pro Tips

Five immediate design changes you can make right now to alleviate anxiety, stress, and overwhelm. 

Yes, I want a zen home!

5 Ways Interior Design Can Bring You Peace of Mind